Our personalised training programs are built to suit you. At home, the gym, a dedicated hour everyday or as and when you get time around your busy schedules. We find what works best for you to achieve results!

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8 Week Fat burning plan

Home bodyweight and bands workouts

Tasty meal ideas

8-Week summer programme!

what's included:

Fat burning workout plan

Fat burning meal ideas

Weekly online fitness classes

Home and Bodyweight workouts

Full app access with goal tracking

Regular check ins and progress updates

Hello, I’m Denny, a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. As a mum myself, I understand how challenging it can be to juggle family responsibilities while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My summer workout plan is designed to be completed at home, specifically tailored to busy mums allowing you to fit exercise around your schedule.

Only £99!
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8 week summer fitness plan

How does it work?

Denny will show you that change is possible with:

4 -5 home workouts each week

Achievable 35 - 60 minute workouts

Fun sessions that work your whole body without being hard on your joints

Coaching for every move, from start to finish

Level-appropriate exercises and a supportive start

Do I need equipment?

Equipment is optional! Summer fitness plan features a mix of no-equipment body weight workouts and resistance band workouts using either tube bands or fabric bands.

However, every exercise has a bodyweight option – so you can do what feels right for you, with or without equipment.

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Next programme Starting 15th of May 2023

    *£50 per person. Limited to 30 people. Once registered our team will reach out to you to confirm your attendance and get you onboarded on to the app, ready to start on the 15th of May 2023! we look forward to welcoming you!